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Selected service Committed Commuter

Recommended every 3 months

Committed Commuter

From £54.99

Riding every day on our road network takes its toll on your bike and in order to get the best performance and life from your bike then it is recommended to carry out this service regularly. This will ensure that any worn or damaged parts are discovered before they lead to further wear of more expensive components and will keep your bike running smoothly.

Frame & forks:
Wiped down, alignment checked
Checked, adjusted and indexed for smooth gear changes
Checked, aligned and adjusted- front and rear. (Cable inners replaced if necessary - parts not included in price)
Chain & cassette:
Cleaned, checked for wear, re-lubricated
Wheel hubs & rims checked, includes basic truing if required
Checked for wear & damage
Wheel bearings:
Checked for free movement & adjusted (if applicable)
Trued with tyres
Checked for damage and wear & inflated to correct pressure
Checked for free movement, adjusted as necessary
Bottom bracket:
Checked for free movement, adjusted as necessary
Bolts checked & tightened to correct torque settings
Can Service Log:
A record of work carried out and report on current mechanical condition

It’s important to remember that our servicing packages do not include:

  • The cost of any replacement parts required to keep the bike in good working order (unless specifically mentioned in the service description)
  • Mechanical disc brake servicing, (Only adjustment Included)
  • Hydraulic disc brake bleeds
  • Front or rear Shock servicing
  • Fitting of accessories

All the above services can be carried out at a very reasonable additional cost, when carried out at the same time as one of our service packages.

Some of the above work cannot be carried out on your doorstep, and may mean that the service will need to be carried out at the Mechanics workshop. We will let you know if the work your bike needs to be done at the workshop.

The services above are also available independent of a service package. Please contact us for an estimate/quote

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