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Regular servicing keeps your bike working at its best mechanically, so that it is less likely to breakdown.

The components of a bike in the UK are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions as well as dirt and grit from our roads and cycle tracks. If you do a lot of miles on your bike regularly then the components will naturally wear against each other. The dirt and grit just make it worse!

Your bike also needs lubrication on some components, to do the same job as the oil in a car engine. Metal against metal friction causes stiffness and excessive wear. Appropriate lubrication helps to stop this and give a smooth action where needed.

New bikes and new components 'relax' during the first couple of months of use. It's a bit like running a new car in or your sofa starting to feel a bit more comfy. The brake and gear cables may stretch and the bike may lose its 'settings' and need a 'tune up'.

To keep your bike safe and roadworthy, the nuts, bolts and fastenings should be checked regularly as they can become loose as a bike is ridden over the bumps and potholes on our roads and tracks.

Regular servicing will identify and sort out all the above issues and will prolong the useful life of your bike and parts, to keep your bike the best it can be.

This will help to avoid costly repair bills and breakdowns, which means that you can enjoy riding your bike more often, rather than missing out when the sun is shining.

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