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The founders of this family business recognised that many people who have caught the cycling bug have just, or are about to spend their valuable pounds on a new bicycle.

Some people purchase from their local bike shop, and in doing so they receive the support, advice and valuable after sales care from a local specialist business.Some people decide to purchase online to get what they consider to be a good deal in terms of the purchase price of their chosen bike. However, many people don't consider that many bikes sold online come without the support, advice and after sales care which all bikes need to give them the best start in life. From our little workshop, we noticed that many people buying bikes on line had issues putting them together or issues a few months later with the ride quality and performance, some even had issues which rendered the bike potentially unsafe.

What many customers don't realise is that the initial assembly and set up of the bike are really important factors in its future performance and reliability. We believe that bicycles are not 'plug and play' like your computer or phone. They are a set of mechanical components which need to be assembled, adjusted and tuned in order to deliver their best performance.

A bit like the difference between a digital clock, and a wind up clock. Essentially a set of bearings, cogs, and gears, your bike will never give you good value if you don't have it assembled and set up correctly, and then continue to look after it like a wind up clock. Keep it clean, a little lubrication, tune it and service it, and it will give you its best for many years.

Cycle Assistance Network (CAN) has a selection of assembly and servicing options to help you get the best out of your bike. CAN uses a network of approved professional cycle mechanics who know an awful lot more than just a thing or two about looking after bikes. CAN professional cycle mechanics come to you at your home, so you don't have the hassle of taking your bicycle anywhere for assembly, servicing or repairs. If you picked up your 'mouse' to buy your bike, use it again to get the support, advice and care which your bike needs, right at your door.

Enjoy your bike.

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