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Welcome to the cycle care revolution. If you need a bicycle service, repair or new bike assembly you can simply order online. It's as convenient as having your groceries delivered to your home. A CAN Approved cycle mechanic will then contact you to arrange the best time for a home visit to work on your bike.

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Cycle Assistance Network (CAN) is a growing national network of independent professional cycle mechanics. Recruited and approved by the CAN team. Each CAN Approved mechanic is a professional mechanic, committed to delivering a high level of customer service and convenience, coupled with quality bicycle assembly, maintenance, servicing and repairs.

Our service is based around the ultimate convenience of the 'home visit', so you don't have to take your bicycle anywhere at all to get it assembled, serviced , repaired , or safety checked. So if your bike needs a repair, your gears are out of tune and you've lost confidence in your brakes. Its time to call a professional mechanic in to get you back on the road.

Our mechanics are all friendly and approachable, and our website makes it really easy to select the kind of service you need. So where ever you are in the UK, you can check if we have an approved mechanic available in your area. Just enter your postcode to find out if we can get to you and your bike!


A professional cycle mechanic knows how to get the most out of every bike and prolong its life, so that it gives the user the best possible cycling experience for as long as possible.

A professional cycle mechanic has undergone specialist industry training to achieve a recognised qualification and/or has developed their skills and knowledge through many years of experience with many different bikes. Usually they are keen cyclists themselves, and are passionate about solving problems and getting people cycling.


Professional courses cover both technical theory and practical instruction for a wide variety of bike issues from simple components to advanced and high-tech parts. Professional bicycle mechanics are required to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and competence to a recognised standard, through both theory and practical assessments, before being awarded a qualification.

All/most of our professional cycle mechanics have Cytech or City and Guilds accreditation, or equivalent, together with years of experience, and a personal pride and passion for keeping bikes properly maintained and serviced, ready for safe cycling.


If you're keen to get the most out of cycling then its really worth getting to know a good local cycle mechanic , in just the same way that you get to know a good plumber , car mechanic, electrician or decorator.

Regular servicing and maintenance means that you'll get to enjoy your bike more often, rather than it sitting in the garage or shed, feeling sorry for itself. Confidence in your bike and Peace of mind for you.

If you've got a bike which needs assembling ,needs attention or needs a repair, just get in touch, and if we cover your area, a CAN Approved mechanic will make a convenient home visit appointment with you and your bike, so that you can get out and about cycling safe.

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