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How it pays to buy a flat-pack bike and arrange a CAN home assembly.

What you should know about bikes delivered flat packed in boxes

  • If you’ve ordered a new bike from the internet or mail order then it may arrive flat packed in a box, to save on storage and delivery costs.
  • Bikes like this have been put together in a factory and have not yet been assembled and set up for their first use. Some retailers recommend that you have your bike properly assembled by a professional mechanic. The New Bike Assembly and Set Up service from CAN Cycle Care covers all the necessary steps in our 31 point checklist to ensure that your new bike is safe and roadworthy.
  • If you haven’t got the time or the tools to assemble and set up your new new bike yourself, then CAN Cycle Care can sort it all out for you.

Things you should know about your new bike assembly

  1. Your CAN Cycle Care approved mechanic will check the bike frame and components.
  2. The bike will be correctly assembled in accordance with current BS standards, and to a 31 point checklist.
  3. Professional tools and assembly techniques will be used to give your new bike the best start in life.
  4. The wheels will be checked for trueness and the tyres inflated to the correct pressure.
  5. Brakes and gears will be correctly adjusted and set up to work smoothly and effectively.
  6. The bike will be set up to fit the rider where possible.
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