5 Essential Items For You (And Your Family’s) Saddlebag

Essentials For Your Saddle Bag

The sun has been splitting the pavements, the beer gardens are teeming with sweaty cider drinkers, and the parks are filled with more games of football than Euro 2016. It’s summertime – and it’s the perfect season to take your bike for a leisurely ride.

Heading into the countryside with the kids on your bicycles is the perfect way to enjoy a sunny weekend or bank holiday. But you can’t just jump on your two-wheelers without a second thought. You’ll have to get yourself prepared.

Your saddlebag should be brimming with all sorts of cycling repair kits, foodstuffs and other items that will help you out on your family bicycle ride.

To give you a hand, we’ve come up with a few ideal items for you to keep in your saddlebag. Take a look and get tooled up.

Multi tools

Saddlebags aren’t too roomy, and they should ideally be large enough to hold one or two pieces of kits that are invaluable for minor repairs.

Invest in a multi-tool that’s replete with Allen keys, screwdrivers and a chain splitter. A moderately priced multi-tool will cost you less than £20, and should provide you with enough versatility to cover any smaller repairs.

Puncture repairs

Punctures are an inevitability on the road, no matter how careful you are. But carrying a spare tyre and wheel with you is nothing more than a hassle, and is a near impossibility on a compact bicycle (unless you fancy strapping a wheel to your back).

Puncture repair kits will, however, cost you less than £20, and will save you from a long walk should you suffer a puncture in your bike. Also bring two spare inner tubes for your bike, and store more spare inner tubes in the saddlebags of your kid’s bikes.

And don’t forget to carry a pump with you. You won’t be able to fit one in your saddlebag, but you should be able to attach a moderately sized pump securely to your bike’s frame.

Tyre lever

Removing a tyre off the rim in the event of a puncture is pretty tricky without a tyre lever. We’d recommend a strong plastic lever that is sturdy enough to remove a tyre, but won’t damage your bike with unsightly marks or indentations. You can pick up a high-quality lever for less than £3.

Plenty of fluids

While keeping your bike in good shape is vital for a summer’s ride, keeping the rider intact is just as important. Bring plenty of water, energy gel and (if you can fit them in your saddlebag) sandwiches to keep you and your family suitably replenished during a long countryside ride.


Money makes the world go around – and it could be essential on a long cycling journey.

Your kids might want to stop off for an ice cream on some countryside pit stop, or they could be too tired for the journey back and fancy a taxi ride home. No matter the reason, always carry enough cash to tide you over when you’re out and about.

To ensure your bike is in peak condition before you head on your summer cycling expedition, let us service it. We’ll ensure it’s clean, secure and ready for action, so get in touch.

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