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One of our mechanics fixing a bike wheel

Cycle Assembly Flat Pack

Perfect for Flat Pack Bike Purchases


From £49.99

If you have a busy life and just haven't got the time or the tools to assemble and setup your new bike yourself, then Cycle Assistance Network can sort it all out for you, by sending a CAN approved mechanic direct to your home or workplace.

Flat packed bikes usually come straight from the factory and are not yet fully assembled, set up or safety checked for their first use. If you've ordered a new bike online or mail order then the final assembly process should be carried out by a competent person. Some online retailers now recommend that you have your bike assembled by a professional mechanic. The New Bike Assembly and Set Up service from Cycle Assistance Network covers all the necessary steps in our 31 point checklist to ensure that your new bike is set up to be the best it can be, and above all, is roadworthy and safe.

  1. Your CAN approved mechanic will check the bike frame and components
  2. The bike will be carefully and correctly assembled in accordance with current BS standards, and to a 31 point checklist.
  3. Professional tools and assembly techniques will be used to give your new bike the best start in life.
  4. The wheels will be checked for trueness and the tyres inflated to the correct pressure.
  5. Brakes and gears will be correctly adjusted and set up to work smoothly and effectively.
  6. The bike will be set up to fit the rider where ever possible.
  7. Our FREE information sheet, "Care and Maintenance for New Bikes" will be sent out to you.
  1. Fitting and set up of accessories which did not come as standard with the bike For example: computers / bottle cages / baskets / panniers / child seats / mudguards etc. which were purchased as a separate item, are not included in the assembly. If you need us to fit additional items for you, we are happy to do this for an extra charge. Please contact us for a quote.
  2. New bikes normally 'settle in' over the first few weeks of use. After this time it is perfectly normal for a new bike to become 'out of tune' and need minor adjustments to the set up.

    Sometimes the adjustments needed are referred to as the 'first service' or '6 week service'. We would be happy to make these adjustments and check that the bike is still functioning correctly for an additional charge. Please contact us for a quote.

  3. Refitting/swapping over of brakes which are not UK standard set up. For example: Bikes to be used in the UK must have the rear brake operated from the left brake lever, and the front brake operating from the right brake lever.

    If your bike has not been manufactured to the UK standard set up then the brakes will need to be refitted. We are happy to do this for an additional charge. Please contact us for a quote.

CAN Mechanics Quote :

The initial assembly and set up of a new bike is really important. It can mean the difference between a reliable and safe bike which gives the rider a good experience for years to come, and a bike which has issues throughout its life, needs a lot of repairs and ends up sitting in the shed most of the time.

  1. You order you bike through an online or mail order retailer and arrange delivery to your home (or workplace)
  2. Check that we cover your area and pay for your assembly through our simple and secure online system
  3. We'll get in touch with you to arrange the assembly to suit you
  4. The flat pack bike is delivered to you by your retailer
  5. We'll come to you and assemble and safety check the bike(s) so you can enjoy it, simple.

How it pays to buy a flat-pack bike and arrange a CAN home assembly.